Today’s leaders are learners requiring ready access to job relevant resources that engage, enlighten and educate.  Continuous learning is a critical ingredient for accelerating professional development and workforce readiness to help address the disruptive changes in markets, industries, and organizations.

OTJ Media organizes free media resources focused on the world of work within a digital library featuring job relevant content categories indexed to a standards-based competency framework to accelerate personalized learning and workforce development.

The ongoing search for applicable learning content has been optimized through immediate access to a dedicated digital learning library aligned with the critical role-based needs of ALL levels of the workforce; from executives to front line associates.

Continuous Learning

Leaders need to be continually learning to understand and appreciate the advancements and innovations impacting their work life.

Mobile Learning

Ready access to a curated library of work related resources provides convenience and flexibility to acquire new knowledge on demand.

Informal Learning

The ability to personalize resources based upon job role and key skills offers learners a perfect complement to formal courses and activities.

OTJ Media: Curated Digital Resources

Features digital media resources providing leaders and learners a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to support enterprise wide self-directed,  learning for ALL levels; executives, managers, and associates.

Engaging Videos

4,800+ videos from a variety of established and emerging digital publishers across all content streams including popular movie and TV scenes.

Recent Podcasts

1,800+ work related podcasts from 75+ publishers accessed from the site and available on demand at home, the office or on the go.

Relevant Articles

2,800+ articles from leading business publishers including summaries to provide a content preview to ensure applicability for each user.

Fresh Content

Every month over 400+ new resources are published  to keep the content streams fresh, relevant, and engaging for subscribers.

Diverse Sources

Digital content strategically sourced and expertly curated from over 1,000 digital publishers including 150+ primary sources.


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A curated digital learning library for workforce development.

What content is in the Library?

Free digital media sourced and selected from leading business publishers focused on the dynamic world of work featuring a diversity of familiar sources combined with emerging digital media publishers in a rich media format.

How current is the content?

Over 80% of the resources were originally published within the past 2 years and every month 400+ resources are added to keep the library fresh and relevant offering an evergreen repository of resources for self directed learning.

What is Digital Learning Curation?

A hybrid process of high tech and high touch for the ongoing sourcing, selection, indexing, editing, publishing, and maintaining of an extensive digital media library focused on workforce readiness and professional development for ALL levels of the organization.

How can users access the content?

The content can be accessed from any device for learning on the go offering convenience and ready access while at your desk, on your commute, during a workout, or even walking the dog.

What is the content focused on?

Content is indexed to a Data Model using a competency framework with critical work functions (Marketing, IT, HR, etc.) key skills (Leadership & Management), industry segments (Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, etc), and Personal Development (Health, Career, Technology, etc.).

How can firms access the Service?

OTJ Media offers a subscription model providing ALL levels and roles with on-demand access to over 9500+ digital resources or integrating the library with your learning technology platform to ensure rapid adoption and ongoing utilization.

Enterprise Licenses available: